GOOD PRACTISES – Guidebook and Dictionary in support of functional literacy teachers for adults

4th LTTA in Istanbul, Turkey

AUTOBIOGRAPHY AS A TEACHING TOOL IN ADULT EDUCATION Introduction: Autobiography in the Context of Non-Formal Education It seems that the meaning of reading and writing changed day by day. Literacy mea…

Third LTTA held in Bulgaria

 Report for LTTA 3 – Varna, Bulgaria  26 JULY – 01 AUGUST 2021  The third LTTA training within the KAFFI (To Know and Face Functional Illiteracy) project funded under Erasmus +, K…

Second LTTA of the KAFFI project

During the week of 12th and 16th April, we have held the second LTTA of the KAFFI project. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we had to organise it on-line, using Microsoft Teams and ZOOM platform,…


Sıtar KESER Human’s quest for meaning is at the center of human existence. This quest is the existential crisis that all humanity carries with them constantly in one way or another. Beyond mater…

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